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Арт.No: 37080250
Категория: Усилватели
Производител: CROWN
Продукт: CROWN K2
2769 лв.  2041 лв.
В наличност: Да

Crown K2 Power Amplifier
The show must go on! Utilizing new technology the K2 delivers more power and more sound while using less energy than any other amplifier on the planet! The Balanced Current Amplifier (BCA) circuitry provides massive amounts of power while generating virtually no component-degrading heat. In fact, the K2 is so thermally efficient, it generates just one-tenth the heat of conventional amplifiers and is over three times more thermally efficent than any other amp on the market today. Because of this incredible efficiency, the K2 requires no internal cooling fan and feature a sealed chassis. This means no fan, no fan noise. In addition, the sealed chassis makes these amps virtually immune to environmental problems such as dust, smoke, stage fog and spilled liquids. In practical, everyday terms, the K2 is essentially maintance-free. Of course, the latest in cutting edge technology is worthless if the sound fails to measure up. With a damping factor in excess of 3000 to 10 to 400 Mz, you’ll experience tight, chest- slamming low end with highs that are smooth and detailed. Rounding out the sound is a full, well-defined midrange. Every signal is reproduced with a faithfulness that is rarely equaled, making the K2 an excellent choice for studio monitoring. 800 watts at 4 ohms, a rock-solid 1250 watts at 2 ohms with both channels driven.


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