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AKG WMS 40PRO set single

Арт.No: 56001610
Категория: Безжични системи
Производител: AKG
Продукт: AKG WMS 40PRO set single
244 лв.  159 лв.
В наличност: Да

AKG WMS40Pro single transformer with a miniature radio transmitter in the form of XLR connector

With the help of a miniature transmitter SO40 PRO any professional corded microphone turns into "wireless microphone".
The transmitter is very easy to use and joins the XLR-jack microphone. Miniature transmitter so that connected to the microphone, he is almost imperceptible.
Miniature transmitter with XLR connector: SO40 PRO.
Receiver: SR40 PRO

--one Fixed frequency.
--Unikalnaya Technology HDAP (High Definition Audio Performance - Sound The HD) ensures the legendary sound of AKG and excellent signal transmission quality.
--Peredatchiki Run for 30 hours on a single battery AA, without requiring frequent replacement, and thus save your money.
--using UHF band provides a stable and high-quality signal reception.



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