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WASHBURN XB100MC bass guitar

Арт.No: 5500091
Категория: Бас китари
Производител: Washburn
Продукт: WASHBURN XB100MC bass guitar
478 лв.  326 лв.
В наличност: Да

WASHBURN  XB100MC bass guitar

    bass, 4 string. Body mahogany. Maple Neck, Mount Bolt-on, rosewood overlay. Sensors WB 100, (MC)

We value you have decided to seriously learn the bass guitar, the Washburn XB100 - a tool for you. Despite the low price, this is quite a serious tool.

The instrument housing is made of solid wood mahogany and equipped with Washburn split-coil pickup P-sensor. Neck made of maple and the top covered with Rosewood. Inside the neck is set adjustable truss rod. This provides the structural strength bar. Headstock has two two chrome-plated, easy chopping, which provide a long preservation of building tools. Sound of the instrument has a deep bottom and the middle of a bright, so you can use a tool for games like slap, and for the performance of pop, rock music.

     Description of the model WASHBURN XB100 (XB100):

* Number of strings [4]
* Attaching the neck is screwed
* Maple Neck
* Material lining Rosewood
* Ladas [20]
* Mahogany body
* Pickups 1 x P - WB 100 [1]
* Adjust the tone volume
* Chrome Hardware
* Color: Metallic Cherry



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